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About Us

Clearview Financial Group helps clients make major financial decisions by looking at the big picture. We work closely with people to develop a Financial Plan that gives them a “Clear View” of different ways they can balance priorities and reach their goals. This client-focused approach ensures that all aspects of a person’s finances are coordinated and integrated seamlessly into a person’s lifestyle.

Karen Peterke

Mortgage Agent


[email protected]

Karen Peterke specializes in helping people find the perfect mortgage. She recognizes the importance of looking at all the options when it comes to home financing. Having cross-trained in various disciplines in the financial services industry, Karen has a wealth of experience and is able to provide creative solutions.

Linda Feng

Financial Planner


[email protected]

Linda Feng helps her clients explore a variety of strategies to reduce debt, save money, make money and protect money. Typically, there is a lack of coordinated guidance between people’s mortgages, insurance, investments & their financial goals. Linda works with clients to optimize the way these various components fit together.

Who Can Benefit

Often, there are aspects of your finances that can be improved. You may feel overwhelmed with expenses and want to find ways to become more financially secure. Or maybe you have a regular savings plan, but are unsure if it’s actually enough to meet your goals. Perhaps you are looking for more tax-efficient ways to structure your finances.

Everyone can benefit from seeing their overall financial picture with more clarity. Whether you are getting your first job and starting to save, or you are an established professional looking for unique planning strategies, we can always provide a new perspective and different options to meet your goals.

After completing a comprehensive financial review, we can optimize your cash flow and provide solutions that will make your money work for you as efficiently as possible.

What We Offer

Cashflow Planning

We will help you understand where your money goes every month, and show you new strategies for maximizing your cashflow.


Before taking on new assets, protect the ones you have with suitable insurance products. We can walk you through this process.


We can help you make your money work for you today and in the future. Meet your goals with RRSPs, TFSAs and other investments.


Whether you’re purchasing, refinancing, renewing or simply want a second opinion, we can find a mortgage solution that fits with your overall financial goals.

What’s the next step?

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