Linda Feng

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Linda Feng

Financial Planner

As a financial services professional that believes in looking at the big picture, Linda Feng helps guide her clients, using a step-by-step formula designed to improve their financial position on the whole. Her methodology helps individuals meet their financial goals – which can include obtaining a mortgage.

Linda Feng has nine years of experience working as a Financial Planner, and like ClearView’s other co-founder, she believes that it’s essential to take a good, clear look at the complete financial picture before individuals make new monetary changes or commitments. After all, investing in a mortgage, for example, isn’t a major financial advancement when it adds to existing bad debt that resulted from poor money management. This is just one of the financial goals Linda helps her clients achieve through strategic monetary preparation.

Linda works to educate her clients on how various components of personal finance fit together. The industry teaches people to compartmentalize finances since different professionals are typically responsible for issuing mortgages, insurance, personal banking products, and more. Basic financial history is reviewed to determine eligibility when applying for new products, but when it’s not their specialty area, professionals rarely provide guidance. Linda’s goal is to use her expertise to bridge the gap, by improving and rebuilding financial plans from the ground up.

This approach has made such a difference with her clients that Linda was previously ranked third for leading national Financial Advisors while working with another Canadian firm. It’s a title that she’s earned due to her sincere love of forming long-term relationships with her clients, and seeing them grow their wealth and improve their money management.

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